Wednesday, May 20, 2015

How a Slingshot Aeroplane Works.
A slingshot aeroplane is a plastic toy plane.  Its force is a thick rubber band that has been pulled.
To make it fly, connect the rubber band to the black hook under the flat nose of the plane.  Stretch the rubber band.  Aim the plane at the target.  Release the rubber band and watch it fly.

But be careful!!  It is fragile!!
By Jazmine


We have been learning about simple machines as part of our science.  Harry wrote this explanation showing how a catapault works.
A catapault is a device that fires objects up into the air. 

To make one at school you need these objects:- A ruler, a counter and a glue-stick.  First you put the glue-stick down.  Then you put the ruler on top of the glue stick.  Place the counter on top of the ruler on the outside of the ruler on the bit where it is hanging down.  Then you push the side that's hanging up.  The counter will fly.

The simple machine in a catapault is a lever.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Here is a delightfu piece of writing by Armita.

On Mothers' Day it was a blissful day for my family.  My mum was so delighted for Mothers' Day.  We gave her great huggles and great surprises.  I gave her breakfast in bed and also a flower. It was pink.  She went on a date with my dad. It was a fun day for our family.