Thursday, September 19, 2013

What would be a great idea for Market Day?

Now we know what makes a great product for our Market Day, lets have a look around at the options and decide what we might like to make.

Pinterest is a great resource for seeing ideas for Market Day.  Follow this link and see if you can find any great ideas.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Immersion Day

Last Tuesday we had a great time making a range of possible market day products from a lot of different materials.

We were allowed to go to any of the classes in the Middle Magic Team and explore the range of different materials and products.  Here are some photos of us making and creating.

After we finished we pretended we had $1 to spend and decided which items we would buy.  These are the items we liked the best.

We had a class discussion about what made these products more successful than others.  Why didn't we choose some of the other products?  This is what we found out:

Why do we think these products sold in our mini shop?
They were not plain
They could move or you could play with them
Not just made out of paper
Look realistic, what they are supposed
Colour and texture
Layers of different colours
Sparkles and extras added to it, decorated, made more interesting
Other people didn’t make – it’s a one off.
Being original
They were useful – the bookmarks, we can use it
They had parts that move
They were not fragile, weak, could easily break

Market Day - 2013

Market Day 2013
Your mission is to make a product that will sell well at a School Wide Market Day in Week 6, Term 4. 

We are fundraising for more construction materials for the Middle Team.
Lego, Mancala, Wooden Blocks, Marble Run…

What will you make?