Sunday, August 23, 2015

On Wednesday, the tooth fairy gave me three dollars.  It is the most I will want it for every day.  I can't believe my tooth fairy knows my teeth fall out at all!  I still believe the tooth fairy all the time.  I know her in my head. She is always in my heart.
By Malakai   

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

                                        The Library Cat Sculpture 

Yesterday on second floor of the Palmerston City Library,we found a sculpture of a cat.It is one out of two of the library cats.  But this one is more realistic and 3 dimensional.  One of the artist's many techniques is shading.  Also it has holes in its eyes and a creamy, puffy neck.  If you didn't know (of course you know,) the cat is a sculpture.

If you were wondering, this cat was sitting on a little wooden table next to a lady's office.  This sculpture felt hard and soft at the same time.  Its spine and bottom is shaded darker than the rest of the body.  The lightest part is his neck and two front paws.  Its tail is curled up to its body and its ears are spiked up.  This nose is perfect as perfect can be.  The mouth is exquisite and in the perfect place - last, but not least, the correct number and in the correct place, the whiskers.
By Isabelle Conley